Standard Brass Fittings

Please see our on-line catalog for a complete line of flare, compression, pipe, hose barb, air brake, extruded or forged tee and elbow fittings.

Custom Made Fittings

Stream Tapware offers over 2,000 custom made fittings for many different industries. Our wide range of machineries has the operational skills of milling, slotting, broaching, crimping, stamping and knurling parts. If you have specific finishing needs (i.e. annealing, heat treating, polishing, centerless grinding, plating, passivating, etc.), we have certified subcontractors, whom we have been working with for over 10 years, to accommodate your requirements. It is our goal to give you fully finished parts ready for your application or assembly.

Please see the pictures below for a partial display of the custom made fittings and for an indication of our machining capabilities.

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Stainless Steel Fittings

Steel Fittings

Aluminum Fittings

Brass Fittings