Company Profile

In 1976, Stream Tapware Corp., a family owned and operated manufacturer, was first set up in a modest 200 sq. meters warehouse in central Taiwan. In 1997, after 20 years of operation in Taiwan, we established a new factory site in China to expand business. Now located in a modern 20,000 sq. meters plant, 400 well trained local workers are headed by 10 experienced supervisors from Taiwan.

With over 30 years of experience in specializing in a complete line of standard flare, compression, pipe, hose barb, garden hose, lock-on hose barb and air brake brass fittings, Stream Tapware has become one of the cost effective manufacturers in this industry. It has built a solid reputation as a leading supplier of fittings to the plumbing, automotive, refrigeration and hydraulic industries. Our monthly production for these standard brass fittings has reached an average of four million pieces, while over 1,500 tons of brass rods are extruded per month by our own subsidiary in China.

Not only do we offer over 5,000 configurations and sizes of standard brass fittings from China, we also customize in Taiwan over 2,000 fittings made in stainless steel, aluminum, steel and brass that require a higher degree of precision. With extensive technical knowledge and  engineering experience, our CNC equipped facilities in Taiwan 10 years ago started manufacturing fittings that require high customization and complex machining process.

If you are looking for standard fittings, special O.E.M. fittings or new custom design fittings, please contact Stream Tapware Corp. Satisfaction guaranteed!